How Does Red Light Set Back The Clock?

Once the dermis has been reached, the mitochondria are stimulated, this part of the cell gives it its energy.

The michotondrias exist inside of the fibroblast

Once mitochondria has been activated by the red light, it will then tell the fibroblasts in the skin to produce more collagen to firm, tighten, and overall improve the appearance of the treated area.

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What People Are Saying About POLY


I enjoyed the poly experience, both for the visible effects on my skin and the relaxation.
I found my skin to be clearer and more even, with a definitive reduction in fine lines.
Also, by scheduling appointments to receive the treatment, it forced me to take some much needed ‘me time’ in a incredibly relaxing enviroment.

Kasey | client

What Can POLY Rejuv Do?


Treatment Options

  • Stand alone skin rejuvenation
  • Pain management
  • Post-surgical recovery boosting
  • Compliments a variety of aesthetic treatments including: peels, facials, microdermabrasion, microneedling, and many others.

Benefits of POLY

  • Drug-free, pain free
  • Labor-free, easy to operate and maintain
  • Integrates with most aesthetic treatments and products
  • Quick and rewards results
  • Incredible ROI

POLY Rejuv Specifications


Wavelength (nm)


LED Count

Coverage Area (cm2)

Weight (lbs)

Treatment Time (minutes)

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