The Science Of Blue Light

Blue light at 417nm helps clear acne by first reaching the surface of the face and the subcutaneous glands just beneath the skin.

Once here, blue light is able to interact directly with the P. acnes bacteria waste products, poryphyrins.

skin cell graphics

Blue light energizes these waste products which in turn releases a toxin. The toxin, while harmless to the human body, is able to remove acne completely.

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Using POLY


What People Are Saying About POLY


I enjoyed the POLY experience, both for the visible effects on my skin and the relaxation. I found my skin to be clearer and more even, with a definite reduction in fine lines. Also, by scheduling appointments to receive the treatment, it forced me to take some much needed ‘me time’ in an incredibly relaxing environment.



What Can POLY Clear Do?


Treatment Options

  • Standalone acne treatments
  • Combination red/blue acne treatment and inflammation reduction
  • Acne treatments in conjunction with topical treatments*

Benefits of POLY

  • Drug-free, pain free
  • Labor-free, easy to operate and maintain
  • Integrates with most aesthetic treatments and products
  • Quick and rewards results
  • Incredible ROI
  • POLY Clear is FDA cleared

POLY Clear Specifications


Wavelength (nm)


LED Count

Coverage Area (cm2)

Weight (lbs)


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