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Clinical Studies

We have found that phototherapy with mixed blue-red light... is an effective means of treating acne vulgaris of mild to moderate severity, with no significa-nt short-term adverse effects

British Journal of Dermatology

Photodynamictherapy is an option for skin rejuvenation. Clinical improvement with regard to texture, firmness, wrinkle depth, skin coloration, and clearance of actinickeratoses was observed

Dermatological Surgery

This study provides insight into the molecular mechanisms associated with the beneficial effects of red light healing irr-adiation in accelerated wound healing.


The treatments combined wavelengths of 633nm and 830nm... Improvements to the skin surface were evaluated at weeks 9 and 12 by profilometry performed on periorbital casts.

Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatologic Sciences and Applications
POLY Pro Rejuv
(Red Light Therapy)
POLY Pro Clear
(Blue Light Therapy)
POLY Pro Regen
(Red Light – Infrared Therapy)