“Enlighten” Your Clients with Light Therapy

Enlighten your clients to the skin beautifying technology of red and/or blue light therapy. Invest in a POLY LED device for your med spa or salon and you’ll undoubtedly gain more recurrent customers.

An old Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” While light therapy has been a staple in the skin care industry for a few years now, it’s never too late to invest in your business for a brighter future.

So, which type of light therapy is right for your med spa or salon, red or blue?

The POLY Pro Rejuv RedLight system is our most popular product, and for good reason. You’ll be able to lift, firm, and tone your clients’ skin by implementing a red light therapy device in your business. Customers will be sure to come back regularly to maintain that youthful glow that your spa or salon will have the exclusive ability to provide them.

Are many of your clients struggling with mild to moderate acne? While a red light therapy device is a must-have in the spa/salon industry, blue light more specifically targets and kills the bacteria that causes acne. If acne is the chief complaint of a large percentage of your clientele, consider investing in a POLY Pro Clear BlueLight device and your spa or salon will become their sole source of treatment. Through this advanced technology, your customers will be able to achieve clear, beautiful skin not just on the face, but the entire body.

Not only are POLY LED light therapy systems effective and fast-acting in clearing up the skin, our devices are also incredibly easy to use and move from room to room. They can be used with a massage table, massage chair, aqua massage, or sauna pod.

Optimize your med spa/salon’s fullest potential by investing in a red and/or blue light therapy device. Watch your revenue grow as your clients’ blemishes fade. Find out how you can increase your med spa/salon’s capability to meet your clients’ skin care needs by calling/texting (870) 761-4929.