Frequently Asked Questions

What makes POLY special?

POLY is the only device on the market with our unique 5-panel FLEX design, which provides the most superior contouring on the market, allows for treatment in otherwise hard to reach areas, and improves efficacy. As an LED therapy system, POLY not only stands on its own to offer fast, safe, and effective skincare options, but POLY also integrates with, and adds value to, a wide variety of other aesthetic services.

What can I use POLY for?

Poly can be used in the home, office, spa, or clinic, for a variety of treatments. Currently POLY is being used in the treatment of acne, skin rejuvenation, and pain management. POLY for acne, however, is currently prescription only.

How long is a POLY treatment, and is there any downtime after treatment?

A POLY treatment can be as short as 15 minutes, but can certainly be extended based on patient needs. There is absolutely no down time after POLY treatments and clients can return to their normal lives immediately.

How soon will I see a return on my investment?

Whether you choose to sell POLY on a per treatment basis, or as an add-on to existing services, you will see very fast ROI due to the growing popularity of LED and photorejuvenation procedures. Your business will gain traffic and increase profits almost immediately and with just 5-6 POLY patients undergoing a standard treatment regimen, your device will be paid off.

How many LEDs are in the device, and what is the coverage area?

POLY houses 1,820 LEDs and achieves a coverage area of 1,132cm2. This is among the highest number of LEDs in a single head on the market, and POLY’s 5-panel head is the only one of its kind.

Can I use POLY with other treatments?

Yes. POLY integrates with almost any other skincare treatment – microneedling, peels, wax, etc. This is a great benefit to skincare practices as they will have versatile revenue options to add to their skincare menu; add-on flat rates, add-on subscriptions, hourly rates, combo rates with other treatments, and a variety of other packaging options are available to physicians and estheticians that make POLY part of their practice.

Does POLY need other treatments or serums to work?

No. POLY works perfectly as a standalone treatment, however, it also works alongside other products. Most consumers want a more robust treatment “kit”, while some others prefer to use one device to simplify their skincare regimen – POLY satisfies every type of customer you’ll come across.

Is POLY FDA cleared?

POLY is FDA cleared for the treatment of acne using Blue light at 415nm or a combination of blue light at 415nm and red light at 633nm. Our POLY Rejuv and POLY Regen systems are approved for sale under the General Wellness Provision put forth by the FDA in 2016.

What is the difference between LED therapy and LLLT?

LLLT stands for Low Level Laser Therapy and distinguished by its power output. LLLT devices achieve a power density between approximately .005 W/Cm2 and 5 W/Cm2. Due to recent advancements in the field of LED technology, however, LED therapy systems such as POLY as now able to achieve similar power densities and therefore produce similar effects.

What are the advantages of using an LED system over a laser?

LED systems such as POLY are attendant free which means generating revenue is much simpler. The treatment area is much broader and therefore it reduces total treatment time for more widespread instances. There is no advanced training or certification required for POLY. There is no tissue damage or chemicals needed to operate which not only reduces your overhead but reduces the amount of down time your customers need to take after treatment to zero. Lastly, LED therapy is a perfect compliment to many other treatment modalities used in the aesthetic and wellness industries including lasers.

Can treatments be done through clothing?

Yes, they can – but for maximum efficacy, we recommend leaving the treatment area bare for best results.

How close should the LEDS be on the skin?

For best effect, we recommend POLY be as close to the skin as the geometry of the treatment area will allow. For best results, do not keep the the POLY head more than six inches away from the treatment area.

How many of each LED are on a combo head?

A red/blue combo head will have half of each red and blue LEDs, for a total of 900 each.

Are glasses required for all wavelengths?

No – eye protection is only required for blue light, but it is recommended as an added precaution for all wavelengths.

What does LED stand for?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

Can POLY be used before and after a chemical peel?

Yes! POLY is an excellent pre or post treatment for chemical peels.

What’s the maximum amount of time that you can set for a treatment program?

99 minutes is POLY’s maximum treatment time, though for best results we generally recommend treatment times at or below 60 minutes. Always consult your health or aesthetics professional when developing a treatment schedule.

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