Invest in Our Most Popular Product: POLY Pro Rejuv RedLight System

Take your spa or salon to the next level with our most popular device, the renowned POLY Pro Rejuv RedLight System. Light therapy has the power to reduce lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen in a way that’s faster acting and longer lasting than alternative skin care treatments. This POLY System is non-invasive, gentle on all skin types, and can be applied to any part of the body in need of care. POLY Rejuv RedLight is FDA 510K OTC cleared and registered, confirming it to be safe and effective for your clients.

Our devices are incredibly easy to use. This POLY device operates on standard 120V electricity, so just plug it into any 3-prong outlet and you’ll be all set to help your customers along on their journey to achieve their skin health and beauty goals. Also, it’s portable and easy to move from room to room.

The POLY Pro Rejuv RedLight System features a 5-panel head that ergonomically contours to the face. Additionally, this state-of-the-art technology has a touch-screen control panel that monitors and records all usage, so you can keep track of the quantity and quality of treatments for each individual. This POLY device offers attendant-free, contact-free operation. On average, it costs less than 5 cents per session to operate a POLY System, so you’ll make your money back and a lot more on this investment in record time. 

Read the reviews from business owners and their clients to see how the POLY Pro Rejuv RedLight System has brought success to the former’s salons and spas and the latter’s skin health and beauty:

“Bringing POLY into my skincare center has been wonderful. All of my clients are intrigued when they see it, which sparks great conversation, and then they book appointments. The results from our POLY sessions have been excellent and so has the ROI.” –Kate

The lines between my eyebrows almost completely disappeared, and the skin on my face, under the eyes, and neck looks so much more refined. I have always been plagued by laugh lines and crow’s feet, and now I can honestly say that I feel more confident with how I look.” –Elaine

“I find the POLY sessions very comfortable and relaxing! I’ve noticed my forehead lines and under eye puffiness have decreased! The skin on my face has a more youthful glow, too! I would highly recommend this service!” –Joyce

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