POLY: Effective & Labor-Free


Your clients come to you to escape the stresses & pressures of everyday life. Offer one more way to help them feel healthier and happier – without adding more tasks for your employees! Explore POLY’s wide range of FDA-cleared light therapy devices.

Devices such as the Rejuv Red-Light Therapy system are scientifically proven to treat lines, wrinkles, acne & blemishes. Plus, POLY is safe, gentle and effective for all skin & body types with an flexible, easily-adjustable head panel that contours to any shape. Learn more about the many studies uncovering the benefits of light therapy here.

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Light therapy devices that are both effective & easy to use

Every POLY device is built to medical-grade standards. In fact, they’re the same products used by dermatologists & plastic surgeons across America!

These devices move easily from room to room and don’t need an attendant while in use. They also come with an easy-to-use touchscreen control that monitors session time & usage. This allows staff to perform other duties while customers enjoy their relaxing 15-minute session!

The decision to implement a reliable and efficient POLY device in your salon or spa may be the wisest you’ll make this year.

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