Tax Season Is Upon Us (and Other April Events)–Invest Wisely

April showers bring May flowers, as they say. Invest in a POLY LED light therapy system this month and see your business grow significantly soon afterwards in the following months. Call/text us directly at (870) 761-4929 to learn more about this wise and fruitful investment.

This month is packed with opportunities to enhance your business. Tax season is upon us. Utilize your return wisely by investing in a POLY LED device in your salon or spa to ultimately receive an even greater return in a short amount of time. Check out some testimonials to learn how the satisfied business owners who employ our devices have significantly increased their company’s revenue.

After a long winter, Daylight Savings Time is finally here. As your clients will be spending more time outdoors, help them show the world their best face by rejuvenating their skin with a POLY LED device. The clocks aren’t the only things springing forward this season. Bring your salon or spa to new heights by implementing a POLY LED system in your business. Find out how you can spring your enterprise forward by contacting us or visiting our website.

Are your clients enduring unpleasant skin issues? Offer them a ray of hope by providing light therapy services in your salon or spa. While our POLY Pro Rejuv Red-Light System is our most popular product, our POLY Pro Clear Blue-Light System more specifically targets and treats clients’ acne. If you already have a POLY LED system in your salon or spa and are happy with the beneficial results it has provided, consider expanding your business’s capabilities by investing in another device. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to discover how you can expand your business’s array of services.

Here are some more opportunities this month to help grow your business:

  • April is National Financial Literacy Month. Make the most of your return this year by investing in a POLY LED light therapy device. Visit our website to see how our advanced technologies have benefited both business owners and their clientele.
  • April 7th is World Health Day. Enhance your clients’ skin health and beauty by offering light therapy treatments in your salon or spa. Contact us to learn more about how a POLY LED device can boost the health of both your business and your customers’ skin.
  • April 20th is Get to Know Your Customer Day. Call/text us to let us know how your business has been doing since you’ve implemented a POLY LED device in your salon or spa. We’d love to stay in touch and assist you further as you grow your business!
  • Earth Day (April 22nd) is almost here! Leave your clients feeling as fresh as a flower this season with a POLY LED light therapy treatment.

Here’s to you and your business flourishing this month and beyond!